OPAIN S.A. you bet on labor inclusion

In the year 2016 OPAIN S.A. decides to integrate people with intellectual disabilities into their work team, with the intention of generating a change of thought in their collaborators about disability, which allows them to recognize the abilities and strengths of the “Friends of the Soul” as actors in the construction of inclusive corporate models.

In this way OPAIN SA, joins the group of companies that at a national level bet on the employment of people with intellectual disabilities, reaffirming the partnership with the Best Buddies Colombia Foundation, an entity that is a benchmark of labor inclusion processes in the country.

About the Convention

According to Conpes 166 of December 2013, 80% of people with disabilities are unemployed. To reduce this index, it is necessary that the State, the Private Enterprise, the Academy, the Civil Society and within each family implement tools that promote the integration of these people in society.

The agreement made between OPAIN S.A. and Best Buddies Colombia “Friends of the Soul”, allows people with intellectual disabilities, members of foundations that belong to the Personal Development Opportunities program promoted by Best Buddies, to have the opportunity to work with OPAIN S.A. and relate socially with the other members of society.


Friends of the Soul

The El Dorado Airport has on it’s team three Friends of the Soul, with capacities and service abilities: Carlos Andrés de la Cruz, Liliana Duplat and Juan Pablo Mendoza, who came together to offer in this terminal, the best experiences to travelers and visitors, based on excellence in service.


Assistant for selection, training and development

Bachelor of Decroly College with training in logistics in events, and business services of SENA. He has worked in support administrative areas in companies such as: Plaza de Artesanos and Construcciones TEO.

Currently, he is the assistant director of selection, training and development in the Human Resources Management of OPAIN S.A.


Junior terminal assistant

Advertising and marketing professional with a diploma in brand building from San Martín University. She is fluent in English and her strong point is customer service. He has worked in the areas of sales, sales, logistics and events and customer service in companies such as: Mapfre Seguros, Confinanciera and Universidad Nacional.

He currently holds the position of junior terminal assistant in the Operations Management of OPAIN S.A., providing service to users and passengers.


Junior terminal assistant

Assistant technician in logistics in SENA chain stores. He has worked in the areas of customer service and sales in companies such as: Colsubsidio, Alkosto and Disc Store.

He currently holds the position of junior terminal assistant in the Operations Management of OPAIN S.A., providing service to users and passengers.

How to join Best Buddies?

For issues related to the employment relationship of people with intellectual disabilities, contact the Best Buddies Colombia Foundation at the email address contactenos@bestbuddies.com.co or in Bogotá at 6128210.