The International Airport El Dorado Luis Carlos Galán Sarmiento, is located in the west of the city of Bogota and 15 km from the city center. It borders to the south with the Fontibón neighborhood with Engativa north and to the west with the municipality of Funza and Bogotá River.

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General Information

Name of the airport: El Dorado Luis Carlos Galan Sarmiento International Airport
IATA Code of the Airport: BOG
City: Bogota
Country: Colombia
Continent: South America
Country Code: CO
Management: OPAIN S.A.
Address: El Dorado International Airport
Terminal: Bogota – Colombia
Phone: 24/7 Call Center – (+571) 266 2000
Website: www.eldorado.aero

Geographic Data

ARP Coordinates: 04 42 05.77 N 074 08 49.04 W.
Distance to the city: 12 KM.
Elevation: 2,547.49 m / 8,360 ft.
Reference temperature: 19,9 °C.

Description of Infrastructure

Total area of the airport: 1000 hectares
Area under concession: 399.5 hectares
Unified Area of the Terminal (No expansion): 173,037 m².
– Baggage carousel area: 9,100 m².
– Waiting room area: 14,978 m².
– Check-in area: 4.174 m².
Area of Puente Aereo Terminal (TPA, by its Spanish acronym): 14.000 m².

Passenger Traffic

Domestic Terminal T1: 15,348,317 (2015).
International Terminal T1: 9,460,536 (2015).
Puente Aereo Terminal TPA/T2: 5,492,388 (2015).
Total: 30 million passengers per year as of December 2015.

Cargo Traffic

Domestic: 179,374 metric tons (2015).
International: 590,449 metric tons (2015).


International Airports: 25.
Domestic: 6
Cargo arlines: 24.


Classification: International Airport
Flight schedule: 24 hours
Operable equipment: A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, B737’s, B757, B767, B777, B787 F100, ERJ, CRJ
Contact positions: 33
Remote positions: 18
Check-in counters: 128
Self-check-in counters: 40
Re-check-in counters: 8

Passenger Facilities

Migration counters: 44
Immigration counters: 44
Restrooms: 37
Family restrooms: 28
T1 Parking: Central: disabled parking space 17, vehicles 453. – North: disabled parking space 6, vehicles 217. – South: disabled parking space 16, vehicles 335
T2 Parking: vehicles 348, motorcycle 24.
Cargo Management Center (CAC*): vehicles 111, motorcycles 174, bikes 335
CISA Building Parking: 177 spaces

Fire extinguishing and rescue services

Category: 10
Rescue team: Air rescue services (SAR) y Fire extinguishing services (SEI)
Capacity for removal of unused aircrafts: Responsibility of the airlines
Fire trucks: 8


Number of runways: 2 (north and south)
Schedule: North runway: 24 hour availability. South runway- availability restricted at night
Configuration: face to face
Length: 3.8 Km
Concession: CODAD


Food courts: two (2)
Resting areas: three (3) in the international dock and one (1) in the domestic dock.
Children araes: two (2) in the international dock and one (2) in the domestic dock.
Resting chairs: 120 located in the waiting rooms.
Ground transportation: Buses, taxis, tourist buses and car rental, connecting buses to Transmilenio and SITP.
Banks: Bancolombia, Banco Popular and ATM machines – More info here.
Post office: Yes
Tourist information: District Institute of Tourism (Instituto Distrital de Turismo– IDT).

El Dorado Airport Extension

By the end of 2017, El Dorado will have 223.700 m2, 41 contact positions and the capability to attend 40 million passengers every year, which will be able to enjoy new and improved spaces and services, such as food courts, Duty Free zones and new VIP rooms.


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About the concession

OPAIN S.A. 10 years
Concessionaire for Eldorado International Airport.

The El Dorado Airport expansion and modernization is the answer to a country with a constant economy growth and development. In this context, the OPAIN S.A concessionaire is responsible for administrating, modernizing, expanding, operating, maintaining and commercializing the Airport, which today is one of the most important infrastructure facilities in Colombia.

Our actions are based on the contract’s fulfilment, the quality of the services, the social responsibility principles, the environmental protection and the visitors’ and employees’ well-being and safety.